New Roots is a project-based learning program centered around themes of community, heritage, culture, ecology, and sustainability. The arts serve as our vehicle for exploring these themes, allowing us to integrate new learning into holistic understanding that is felt in the heart as much as it is comprehended in the mind. 

Each creative arts project that we embark on together provides a wealth of teaching opportunities -- from literacy development to our collective human story, from local ecology to our global interdependence -- as well as opportunities for personal growth. By the time we are ready to share our creation with the community, our students have developed a deeper understanding of who they are. They have embarked on the path to discovering their vision, their voice, and their inner strength.

Nearly all of our art materials are sourced from repurposed garbage, allowing us to minimize costs while modeling sustainable creative techniques, to apply new ecological understanding to our everyday lives, and to have fun while cleaning up our local environment. Through the process of transforming trash into beauty, our students become emboldened with a new sense of agency. They learn that the world is what they make it.

New Roots is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and works in a village that is rich in culture and impoverished financially. New Roots hopes to instill a sense of pride in the youth so that they care for their natural resources, learn from their elders, and continue to evolve into cultural and environmental leaders of their community.







                                    NEW ROOTS HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE BY:                  
                 Jill Hoy, Dawn Bodnar-Sutton, Denise Kaufamn, Jean & Dud Hendrik 
                 Jackson & Melissa Nash, Diana Lynch, Bronwyn Halsey & Micky Murch
                 Dustin Tester, Sherry Streeter, Ralph Chapman & Beck Poole, Norah Hoover
                 Joanna Moore, Tess Daniels, Derrick Semler, Elin Elisofon, Carey Cameron
                 Elizabeth Duncombe & Scott Mills, Lake Larrson, Hector & Melissa Sapien
                 Patricia Wheeler, Ruthie Ellis, Anne & Tony Ferrara, Julie Moringello
                 Stuart Kestenbaum & Susan Webster, Gary Vencill, Melissa Rafferty, Steve Brawer
                 Megan Dewey-Wood, Gavin Sapien, Jonathan Holt,  Tom & Karen Adamo                                   Martha Jordan, Michael Maynard, Kate Hofstetter, Roberta Greany 
                 Rosanna Nafziger, Judy Garvey, Ann Hooke, Rebecca Nemser, Sally Clinton
                 Stephen Duncombe, Eli Mitchell-Larson, Dona Matera, Sarah Shrewsbury
                 Cherie Mason, Cheryl Wright & Tom Lieber,  Sarah Melendez, Rachel Randall
                 Joseph Larson, Cardigan Mountain Lacrosse Camp, Robbie Lynn, Nancy Wynne
                  Peter & Cynthia Larson, Rob Berube, Erica Moffet, Hannah Semler, Ethan Rafal 
                  Marka Kiley, Mark Van Wagner & Tonya Pulfer, Chris & Cheryl Larson, Aji Hall
                  Beverly Buczynsky-Kelley, Paul Weiss, Sally Jean Erdle & Thomas Hopman
                  Nick & Cynthia McAuliffe, Foundation Jean Felicien Gacha, Nicholas Larson, 
                         Lila Roo, Action Bequia, RJ Martin, Erin & Keegan Callahan
                                                         and other anonymous donors